About Us


                                                            WHAT is SGWI?


          Its a  voluntary run and independent, UK based networking hub

                        that is focused around 3 main root subjects-


                                      Environmental & Ecological issues.


                                             Ancient and Sacred Sites.


                                                 Health and Wellbeing.


                                   Via this site we hope to assist the many

                                                 Groups and Individuals

                       who champion the various issues seemingly alone.



       You can access guidance from advocates re protecting ancient monuments and sacred sites, and welfare, health, and Human Rights issues.


            You can also find information on environmental and conservation policy in practice and "how to" access appropriate legal and governmental information.   Very useful for those challenging planning applications that threaten local habitats with pollution and other concerns you may have.                                                         

           Find support at SGWI and link up with other voluntary co-workers,

sharing ideas and experience.  who are widely experienced  in  research, planning and management.    This includes local and national groups with experts and professionals who can assist you.

  Find out how to set up local groups and find volunteers

         using the  media, websites and our network facility.


 At  SGWI      

                  Our work is networked and shared with the public freely

          This includes updates to the Earthwardens Collective 'EC', and news of the ICE Coalition enabling a wider view of environmental challenges and tasks




HOW can we help each other and the planet:


Become a local contact of Sacred Grove Western Isles, informing us of issues/problems.


Start a local group to work and campaign on issues and concerns, ie. litterpicking and monitoring woods, streams, beaches and liaising with  other eco groups.


Visit/write to local councils, agencies and organisations to liaise/research developments which may encroach or endanger wildlife, or result in loss of  habitat, damage historical  or ancient  landscape; museums re: relics, etc.


Join the Woodland Trust and Tree Council and help care for your local trees

Refer high profile cases to us so that we can monitor and refer on to ‘ESAI’ and environmental experts/lawyers.


We welcome everyone of any group, grove, religion, creed, or political persuasion who are actively interested in volunteering as and when they can, and want to join us in -




 Our ancient meadows, hedgerows, woods, heritage trees, rivers, beaches, coastlines, parks, gardens, creatures, plants and wildlife etc.




The reasons and causes of ecological problems, pollution, destruction of natural habitats, vandalism of places of natural beauty, desecration of sacred sites and ancient monuments and supporting welfare, health and wellbeing of their human co inhabitants too!




We started out as Sacred Grove South West,a Devon & Cornwall based group of environmental advocates, many of whom were 'green' some druids, pagans and those who followed nature based belief paths.

 Follow this link for druid/pagan info




We have grown rapidly into an eclectic  UK-wide network.


Anyone who wishes to highlight  and voluntarily work with others

promoting the various issues of interest to the friends of SGWI

can freely access SGWI facilities.


Anonymity is an option if you prefer.

ICE ESA LOGO Earth Steward

HOW can we help you with

ecological or environmental problems and issues


Please use one of the contact methods shown on the front page.

Leave a short brief about the eco/enviro problem,

where this is happening,

with your location

and contact details.

  These will be picked up by our team who will offer assistance or signpost you to appropriate charities and groups or on to, environmental lawyers, academics and professionals who may pass it on to the authorities or courts.

 We will always refer back to you if you wish to stay involved in the process

    anonymity is an option if you




Sacred Grove Western Isles SGWI Forum  User views and postings are not necessarily the collective views of  SGWI or its  web/forum maintance  volunteers.

 Please contact us for clarification on any queries you may have.

  NB: Sacred Grove Western Isles  services are FREE to INDIVIDUALS, but groups, organisations and businesses will be referred to Earth Stewardship International.

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Sacred Grove Western Isles reserves the right NOT to offer any service without further explanation. 

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