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Thanks to all of your efforts in environmental, heritage and human rights campaigning, including

SGWI being represented and attending our first public inquiry in 2011 re Stonehenge TRO [see Stonehenge pages on here] - SGWI is becoming well known and our network of

volunteers is growing steadily.


Sacred Grove Western Isles [SGWI for short!] moves into its 4th year 2012 ready for more advocacy, sharing information, petitions and campaigns via the internet, media and word of mouth, contacting and challenging hard when necessary those who are in charge of our social policies and government decisions affecting our environment, wellbeing and heritage, ensuring as far as we are able that justice, commonsense and protection of those who cannot do it for themselves - CONTINUES!


Examples where we have advocated,  supported or signposted :


• Global campaign to Save the Honey Bees

• Earth Hour—asking local councils to involve more schools and businesses by example.

• Stonehenge campaign to keep parking available for ceremonial visits outside normal hours.

• Swans—protection in Sheffield and Plymouth.

• Woodland threatened by developers in Bristol.

• Ongoing campaign Tara in Ireland.

• Somerset community fighting to save their ancient tree.

• Wind turbines located in environmentally sensitive areas in Cornwal - not in SSSI/AONBs!

• Developers building on  parkland.

• Damage/vandalism to many UK ancient monuments and sites; setting up petition .

• Golf course planned for ancient meadows.

• Housing development on last cider orchards in Somerset.

• Supermarkets on various sites threatening ancient meadowland; felling trees at nesting time, etc

• Reburial issue of relics at Stonehenge.

•Checking museums’ policies relating to respectful care of ancient relics, bones.

. Overview of Gov policy re Devonport base to be used as nuclear submarine scrapyard

.Co-ordinating responses to planning applications re Stonehenge TRO non-parking & Visitor Centre

• Petitions too numerous to list but especially  on 10 Downing St website: to have stronger enforcement of legislation to protect ancient sacred monuments and also the GLOBAL campaign to save the Honey Bees.

. Campaigning alongside Woodland Trust re proposed Forestry Commission sales.

' Researching with Honouring the Ancient Dead re recent Judicial Review of Stonehenge reburials.

. Monitoring various enviro issues and signposting  to info on our website and new forum.

. Challenging poor maintenance practice regarding endangering plant species orchids in Portsmouth.

. Ensuring Health and Wellbeing, welfare benefits and similar needs are highlighted on our website.

. Supporting national disabled rights campaigns

. Supporting various campaigns re incinerators & turbines which were wrongly sited, poorly designed

' Liaising with groups challenging cuts on welfare and reduction of health & social care, providing info

. Highlighting river pollution and extraction dangers

. Ongoing support of campaigns to return ancient relics/bones to their resting places

. Attending public inquiry re Stonehenge, cross examining English Heritage re proposal of 24/7 Traffic Regulatory Order [no parking on WHS site] and being part of the successful Decision by the Inspector TO REFUSE THE TRO!  Thanks to all SGWI people who researched, wrote in and took part.

. Encouraging Birdwatch and Bird Nest Box activitives - see our Bird Protection page

. Signing petition, entering objection and winning amendments to Quantock Hill sell off by Somerset CC.

. Highlight campaign to provide tunnel under the Thames in London to prevent sewage poisoning the water

. Signposting to DEFRA Wildlife Habitats Review asking for public consultation

. Challenging tree removal at  Hinckley C development and liaising with council  tree officer to oversee work.

. Signing/networking petition and helping save cherry trees due to be felled at Birmingham University.

. Hosting [Welcome page] and signing petition challenging DEFRA re buzzard research on private estates to prevent pheasant chick losses - MP and Environment Minister Richard Benyon has made a U turn but petitions continue in case this attitude to indigenous protected species is tried again [pheasants were introduced solely as game birds in private enterprise.

.SAVE PORTLAND COASTAL STRIP, DORSET we supported the campain to oppose quarrying near Southwell Village Portland Bill. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with unique habitats and rare archaeology.





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