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Ancient Oak


 Horses of Newbury Protest

Pagans for Archaeology

Heritage Action

Petition site, with free charitable donating - Care2

Stonehenge Visitor Centre & Traffic Regulatory Order [no parking] planning challenges

Parks, Green Space - register and save your local commons & play areas

Ancestoral relics, law and protection - also see page for HAD Honouring Ancient Dead on this site.

Protect wildlife, prevent tree felling during nesting season-need for bat surveys etc.

Email your MPs via Woodland Trust asking their support for WT manifesto.

Sustainable Communities Bill, see our forum board Nature & Environment and join via our Welcome page here. You can email Ministers to support the Bill as per Woodland Trust info:

Save Badgers from Welsh Assembly cull, and protect Hares plus other environmental campaigns, see our forum, join here

Wrekin open cast mining protest - March 2010, info

Live Site under constuction

Indymedia UK



Plane Stupid

Campaign for Better Transport

The Coal Hole

Earth First!


Woods Under Threat

Friends of the Earth

FOE Scotland


Sea Shepherd

Gov Environmental Regional Offices - email them to call in large development applications where there is overwhelming local public objection see list on messageboard on Legal Protest - join via Welcome page links.

When we need to make contact with UK councils en masse, this link is a good starting point!