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Sacred Grove Western Isles liaises with the organisation regarding its ongoing projects on reburial issues, including gathering data from UK Museums, and Universities etc relating to eventual reburial, respect and care of all archaeological finds that are Human Remains.


Full details and explanation of HAD's ethics and intentions are to be found on the above link to their website.
HAD states "Honouring the Ancient Dead is a British network organisation that advocates respect for ancient pagan human remains and related artefacts"

Sacred Grove Western Isles
 is asking you to take a few minutes to read the info on the
Museums' project,
where HAD is compiling a database
as to why, which and how many ancestoral and ancient remains are held,
what is their condition, the levels of respect paid to their bones
  including what policies are in place to care for and
whether the Museums' might agree to returning the remains to
the site of origin.

If you can spare time to visit your local Museum or any others when you are in their area,
please either use the button Contact Us on this site or go directly to HAD via the link or this email:
 HAD will guide you as to what to ask, and what information is required.

Please remember to keep updating HAD as to which museums you have been to or contacted.
  SGWI would also be happy to host the results of these enquirys and display replys received
  for the benifit of all interested parties.

So far representatives of Sacred Grove Western Isles have visited Cheltenham, Plymouth and Sheffield Museums - all of which were very respectful to us and fully co-operative at the first enquiry of curators who were very obliging and assured us that they were aware of great sensitivty being required, and we were encouraged to write in for further information.

SGWI have been working on both the Stonehenge and Avebury reburial issues - correspondence is noted on links below- more discussions on these are available on our Facebook or Yahoo groups
To return the cremated human remains uplifted by Sheffield University in 2008 as soon as possible after research is completed - to the separate post holes within the Stones from where they were removed in the 1920s.

  To return the human ancient remains of a child removed from place of burial near Avebury.

Petition To Return Relics To Stonehenge + Prime Minister's reply to Petition


Reburial Laws, Debates & Guidance by Dept Culture Media Sports, DCMS

Honouring the Ancient Dead (HAD)

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about the request to the Ministry of Justice by Sheffield University senior archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson to retain until 2015 the Stonehenge bones he removed two years ago

Official Responses to the Minister of Justice and his replies to those made by
 Sacred Grove Western Isles and Honouring the Ancient Dead
You will note that the Decision was to grant the further retention until 2015  :

1st April 2011 - email from Mike Fletcher of Honouring the Ancient Dead organisation and website - please discuss on our forum too - please pass this on!

Dear All,

We have recently received the attached consultation request papers from APABE (Advisory Panel on the Archaeology of Burials in England). The conclusions of their consultation are likely to be significant for this aspect of the treatment of ancient human remains.

Therefore, if you would like to comment, and you would like do this through HAD, please send me your views by 31st May 2011 in order to give me sufficient time to consolidate and organise a formal HAD response based on the collective input.

You are of course welcome to comment individually aside from HAD.

Best wishes

Mike Fletcher
Honouring the Ancient Dead (HAD)
HAD, PO Box 3533, Whichford, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire CV36 5YB, England

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