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This map indicates where access on foot is permitted within the World Heritage Site

Scheduled Monuments affected by the proposed Traffic Regulatory Order on the World Heritage Site - zoom to enlarge - the byways and droves are clearly marked so you can see where English Heritage have decided that they
do not want vehicles or parking
unless they are certain types such as farm vehicles or disabled transport.

Our SGWI represenative Lois Lloyd is attending the Public Inquiry on 29 June at Salisbury Rugby Club, Wiltshire, and the documents SGWI have entered including all the other documents to be heard or presented by objectors, supporters, English Heritage and Wiltshire County Council and others are to be read on the link to the Inquiry website

Halcrow [EH construction contractors ] map of Stonehenge BOATs in brown
[byways open to all traffic!]

crop map 2a